Smile Mom!

Moms are usually the family historians that take most of the pictures. These photos capture beautiful moments of their families at school, work, play, sports, vacation, all because they want to remember a moment in time.

However, since moms are the ones with a cell phone or camera in their hands, they rarely appear in pictures themselves. Husbands and children please take note, moms want to have pictures with their family to look back on.

If you see her helping the children with day to day activities, please take the picture.

If she’s cheering on the kids with a group of other moms at a tee ball game, please take the picture.

If she’s helping the children with homework and everyone breaks out laughing, please take the picture.

She wants to remember these special times as a family.

Do her a favor and PLEASE TAKE THE PICTURE!

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms!