Are you overwhelmed with all the art work and paper work your children bring home from School?

Your son or daughter worked very hard at school this week creating a beautiful picture of the outside of your house. The picture includes trees, a big, bright sun, your car, flowers, lots of green grass, and your entire family. It’s absolutely adorable.

Next week, your child paints a beautiful collage made with assorted colors. This time they put their favorite pet in the picture and put their name on it. It’s very special.

Before long, you have a huge stack of assorted art work, paper work, and memorabilia that your child made in school and you’re not sure what to do with all of it.

Organizing Child's Art Projects

Here are a few suggestions to keep all of those wonderful projects in one place.

  • Designate a wall or a small area in your house where you hang up a few projects to enjoy. These can be changed out when new art work is brought home.

  • If hanging up your child’s art work is not your thing, you can get a tote to store some of your favorite pieces. Be sure to get a tote large enough to hold some of the larger pieces of art work that eventually make their way home.Your Content Goes Here

  • Make or buy a large art file to neatly store and organize your child’s art work. Your child may even enjoy decorating the outside of the art file.

  • Make a quick video of your child holding up their masterpiece and ask them to describe what’s in their picture. This way you also save their voice.

Area to Hang Child's Artwork from School

At the end of the school year, if you’ve chosen to save your favorite pieces, you can make an “Art Portfolio” book or create one framed collage.

Child's Art Portfolio Book