Everyone Has A Story to Tell

Most of us would agree that the past few months of quarantine have been difficult. We’ve been forced to adjust and change our “normal” way of life. Many of us started working from home instead of going to an office to work. Children are now homeschooled instead of going to school with their friends. Our old routine and past ways of doing things have changed.

In the middle of all the uncertainty and chaos, I’ve seen many awesome pictures that truly tell the story of what we’re going through. Facebook is filled each day with pictures of families spending more time together, of siblings playing outside having fun, with pictures of people helping other people, and stories of great acts of kindness.

Last week, a friend of mine shared a photo of her boys arm wrestling in their driveway. I LOVE this photo. The look on each of their faces is absolutely priceless. You can see their determination to win and their competitiveness while enjoying some quality time as brothers.

Photo used with permission by Kate Pickens.

Recent social media has also been filled with numerous stories about random acts of kindness. I’ve seen several pictures and read stories of many of our local school lunch ladies and volunteers who are working countless hours preparing and delivering meals to children. These people are true HEROES.

Photos used with permission by Tina Schafer.

As we continue to move forward while still under our Stay at Home order, I encourage you to take pictures of your “day to day” activities. One day you’ll look back through your photos and think about how the coronavirus changed your life and the lives of those you love!

Do you have a Story to tell?

If you’ve got a great story to tell (with pictures of course), please send them to me at phopp@pattyspicturesofyou.com. I’d love to share your story.

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